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Recent publications

Atwood, S., Morgenroth, T., & Olson, K. R. (2023). Gender essentialism and benevolent sexism in anti-trans rhetoric. Social Issues and Policy Review, 00, 1–23. [pdf]

Morgenroth, T., van der Toorn, J., Pliskin, R., & McMahon, C. E. (2024). Gender nonconformity leads to identity denial for cisgender and transgender individuals. Social Psychological and Personality Science. 15(1), 46-59. [pdf]

Morgenroth, T., Axt, J., & Westgate, E. (2022). What underlies the opposition to trans-inclusive policies? The role of concerns about male violence versus attitudes towards trans people. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Advance online publication. [pdf]

Schudson, Z. C., & Morgenroth, T. (2022). Non-Binary Gender/Sex Identities. Current Opinion in Psychology, 48, 101499. [pdf]

Morgenroth, T., Ryan, M. K., & Fine, C. (2022). The Gendered Consequences of Risk-Taking at Work: Are Women Averse to Risk or to Poor Consequences?. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 46(3), 257-277. [pdf]

Morgenroth, T., Kirby, T. A., Gee, I. A., & Ovett, T. A. (2021). Born this way – or not? Essentialism among different sexual orientation groups and its consequences for identification and belonging. Archives of Sexual Behavior. 50, 3447-3458.  [pdf]

Morgenroth, T., Kirby, T. A., Cuthbert, M. J., Evje, J.,  & Anderson, A. E. (2021). Bisexual erasure: Perceived attraction patterns of bisexual women and men. European Journal of Social Psychology. 52(2), 249-259. [pdf]

Morgenroth, T., Gustafsson Sendén, M., Lindqvist, A., Renström, E. A., Ryan, M. K., & Morton, T. A.  (2021). Defending the sex/gender binary: The role of gender identification and need for closure. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 12(5), 731-740. [pdf]


Morgenroth, T., Ryan, M. K., & Sønderlund, A. L. (2021). Think Manager – Think Parent? Investigating the fatherhood advantage and motherhood penalty using the Think Manager – Think Male paradigm. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 51(3), 237-247. [pdf]


Morgenroth, T., Ryan, M. K., Rink, F., & Begeny, C. T. (2021). The (in)compatibility of identities: Understanding gender differences in work-life conflict through the fit with leaders. British Journal of Social Psychology, 60(2), 448-469. [pdf]

Gartzia, L., Morgenroth, T., Ryan, M. K., & Peters, K. (2021). Testing the motivational effects of attainable role models: Field and experimental evidence. Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology, 5(4), 591-602.


Morgenroth, T., & Ryan, M. K. (2020). The effects of gender trouble: An integrative theoretical framework of the perpetuation and disruption of the gender/sex binary. Perspectives on Psychological Science. 16(6), 1113-1142. [pdf]


Morgenroth, T.†, Kirby, T. A.†, Sudkämper, A., & Ryan, M. K. (2020). The who, when, and why of the glass cliff phenomenon: A meta-analysis of appointments to precarious leadership positions. Psychological Bulletin, 146(9), 797–829. [pdf]


Morgenroth, T., Stratemeyer, M., & Paaßen, B. (2020). The gendered nature and malleability of gamer stereotypes. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 23(8), 557-561. [pdf]


van der Toorn, J., Pliskin, R., & Morgenroth, T. (2020). Not quite over the rainbow: The unrelenting and insidious nature of heteronormative ideology. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 34, 160-165.


Sudkämper, A., Ryan, M. K., Kirby, T. A., & Morgenroth, T. (2020). A comprehensive measure of attitudes and behaviour: Development of the support for gender equality among men scale. European Journal of Social Psychology, 50(2), 256-277.

† joint first authorship

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